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We collaborate at every stage to ensure that your business operations or your customers' experience remain uninterrupted

A platform created with a specific purpose

To achieve this goal, our platform has been designed to facilitate the rapid implementation of DMARC compliance across the entire enterprise.

An important feature of our platform is interoperability, ensuring that data from the entire email ecosystem of a company and various email providers can be evaluated, monitored, and proactively managed.

All features for
all users

Our product has a wide range of features and functionalities that cater to all customers.

All organizations, whether large or small, are vulnerable to the same cyber threats and require the same levels of protection, so there are no classifications, levels, or variations in our product.

To ensure no business is compromised with an ‘inferior’ product, we offer a product that is the same for everyone.


Compact delivery using our methodology


Secure within a timeframe of 90 days

Our singular and precise focus on DMARC has empowered us to develop a methodology and establish an engineering team that is fully confident in its capability. This enables us to ensure that our product will be implemented, operate effectively, and provide comprehensive defense against fraudulent email activities within a period of 90 days.

Customers do not pay if we don’t deliver on this promise.


Smart system

Our platform design is intelligent. All procedures and policies are fully automated and seamlessly integrate with all email service providers, allowing complete visibility of all legitimate and illegitimate emails using a company’s name.

In addition to monitoring and managing the entire email ecosystem, we provide real-time reporting and analysis, aiding in protecting against new threats as they emerge


Total control of
your brand

The most advanced security engineering

Our platform is designed with the highest standards and security protocols to ensure the safety of your domain name. All activity in the environment is fully auditable, and all authorizations, authentications, and accesses are thoroughly controlled and secure.


Reliable emails

Businesses can rest assured that this crucial tool for corporate communication functions effectively, thanks to our DMARC solution, ensuring that legitimate emails reach the intended recipient’s inbox.


BIMI Increases your brand recognition and trust

BIMI provides the company with the means to blend authentication and branding. The company’s logo is included in the email message

What is BIMI

Implemented, hosted, and managed in the cloud

There are no infrastructure costs, and our smart, fully automated platform allows pricing to be tailored based on the size of the organization, thanks to its intelligence.


Everyone is exposed to the risk of email scams. How do you protect your brand against email scammers?